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Art, for Art's Sake

I've written a blog - on and off - since 2011. It's always been something I'm drawn to. I enjoy writing. I like sharing what I've written. I take pleasure in reading the work of others. I'm happiest when part of a community. Blogging was made for people like me.

I've held this domain name for a while but I've always been too afraid to use it. What would I write about this time? What would the general theme of this website be? Do I have enough time to host a successful blog that I update several times a week?

No idea
Not important
No I definitely do not

Who cares? I can worry about all of that stuff later. For now, I'm just going to write about whatever I want and share it with whoever cares enough to take the time to read it. My only intention for this blog is to create. For a long time, I haven't written much and I certainly haven't written well; but by submitting this first post, I'm contracting myself to just write - for writing's sak…