My Goals for 2017

I know it's only been a few weeks since I wrote a post about my goals but you can't really go into the New Year without adding on a couple more, can you? I think that continuous self-improvement is important and I'm not one to save my own development for the start of the year; I'm always writing lists of things I need to work on. I mean, as we all know, the tagline of this very blog is "in the process of becoming" and it really is something that I believe in.

Anyhow, 2017 is set to be a MASSIVE year for me. I have my last few months of school alongside my last round of A-Levels, prom, I'm going to university, leaving home and on top of that, there's weddings to go to, hen-dos, trips to Paris etc. etc. It's definitely going to be an interesting twelve months, isn't it? And at the moment, all I can do is get off to a good start.

So, here goes my goals for 2017:

1) Get Good at Politics

Well, I want to be good at all my subjects (French, politics and psychology, for reference), but politics is the one that I really struggle with. I mean, I'm not getting terrible grades but still, I need to get into university and at the moment, my grades in politics are going to stop me from getting there - and this just breaks my heart. So, I'm dedicating extra time to going over the course content and practising writing essays in order to get the results I'm going to need in August. Pray for me please.

2) Become More Independent

As we've already touched upon, I'm hoping to go to university in September. I want to study French at the University of London Insitute in Paris which means that yes, I am planning on moving to Paris this year (if I get good at politics lol). As result, it seems pretty clear that I'm going to need to get my life together; I need to learn to cook something else besides pesto pasta and get used to cleaning the kitchen because it's not like mama's going to be able to just pop over and help me whenever I'm having a dishwasher-related emergency. I really am going to have to work on this so I don't fall apart when I get there. 

3) Keep Blogging

I've mentioned before that this isn't my first blog. By a long way. I've started so many blogs over the last five years that I've stopped telling people every time I write a new one because we all know it'll never last. This little blog, however, feels different. I'm scheduling posts, I'm taking photos, I'm thinking about setting up AdSense etc. etc. 
I expect to write this blog for at least another year - or at least, this is the plan. By writing this goal down here, I already feel a sense of duty to fulfil it. I will keep writing blog posts, even if it's just to document my transition into university life. I have a lot of exciting and scary things coming up this year and I'm already looking forward to writing about them. 

Happy New Year,
Eleanor x 


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