My Goals For the Next 10 Minutes


Everything is changing in my life and I am learning that this is okay. All I have to do to stay in control is to set some goals and allow them to navigate the changes toward something I really want. The problem is, though, that I set myself new goals approximately every 10 minutes. Not because I've met my previous goals - oh no - but because I'm suddenly a new person with new goals and new ideas about the kind of aesthetic and image I want to exude.

So, dearest reader, here are the goals I am currently working towards. Here's who I want to be right now.

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My ultimate goal - which I'm hoping isn't going to change otherwise I really am in trouble - is to go to university in Paris. I'm in Year 13 at the moment (studying French, Politics and Psychology - thank you for asking) and I have an interview for the University of London Institute in Paris in less than a week. If all goes to plan, I am moving to France, aged 18, in less than 10 months. Squeeeee!!!

I mean, yes, my life is going to be an absolute dream come true and I fully expect every single day to be filled with pain au chocolat and french boys in my apartment - both of which I am immensely excited about. Getting to this point, however, is going to be difficult. In essence, the plan is to work as hard as I can to ensure that I pass my exams and that I am considered to be a very successful human. Pray for me.


As I said in my last blog post, writing is something that I believe to be very important. A large part of this belief stems from the fact that if I don't write down everything I think about, I start to collect too many thoughts and things get a little tricky.
A smaller part of this belief is that I very much enjoy the idea of being a writer and being surrounded by cool, interesting people who smoke pipes and grow beards. So in order for me to find these people, it stands to reason that I am going to have to write for public entertainment at least once a year. This is what I am doing now.


I know our writer-reader relationship is still very much still in its early days but I would be surprised if you hadn't, by this point, realised that I spend 99% of my time thinking about my aesthetic. I am pretentious, I'll admit. I think this point is further emphasised by the fact that you do have to be at least semi-egotistical to want to write a blog and broadcast yourself to the world. I've been blogging since I was 12; that's all I'm saying.
I digress. Crosswords! I want to be the kind of gal who does crossword! Well, I want to be an intellectual. Therefore, I'm watching shows like QI and I'm attempting The Guardian's "Quick Crossword" every day. Admittedly, no one is worse at crosswords than I am. They give me a headache. Nevertheless, I'm determined to keep at it because, as an intellectual, I understand that persistence is key.

We all know that these goals will have changed before I even get around to posting this but still, this has been fun, hasn't it? Why don't you tell me about your goals in the comments?


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