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Health | How I'm trying to Improve

Hello all,

Since the New Year, I've been trying to make some changes to my lifestyle - my health, in particular. This all started when I realised how dependent I had become on sugary treats and how often I consumed them. I also do very little exercise and so you can only imagine what my arteries must look like. So, I decided to make one or two changes:

A Quick Life Update | Eleonoires

Hello everyone!

Originally, I was going to write a "Monthly Playlist" post but I've come to realise that I really do just listen to the same songs and artists over and over - which isn't really helpful for someone trying to write a monthly series. So, since I scrapped that idea, I realised I needed something to fill in the gap that is this weeks blog post. Usually I schedule all my posts so I know well in advance what is coming up and it's very rare that I get to talk to you guys in more "real time." So, I've decided that this week, I'm going to write about myself and what's been going on.

As I write this, it's the 15th January and I'm in bed because I developed a cold after going out for drinks with my best friend on her birthday. Still, it's manageable. I've had mock exams all of last week which was quite stressful and it means that I haven't actually been in lessons at school since the 21st of December. I go back to sc…

University: How I Chose Where to Go

The decision about where to go to university is a pretty important one. This time last year, I was spending much of my time browsing the internet and deciding which one would be the best one for me. It was an extremely long process and a very difficult one, but now, I've finally got it.

I just wanted to write a little blog post that details some of the things that helped me to decided where I wanted to study and some of the advice that I have for anyone who is going through the same thing.

Evening Routine | Three Things I do Every Evening

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post in which I shared three things that I do every morning and it seems only natural that I write a post about my evening routine.

This routine is definitely my favourite of the two. I love creating a relaxing atmosphere and unwinding after a busy day - switching my brain off for a couple of hours.

Here's how I go about this: