Evening Routine | Three Things I do Every Evening

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post in which I shared three things that I do every morning and it seems only natural that I write a post about my evening routine.

This routine is definitely my favourite of the two. I love creating a relaxing atmosphere and unwinding after a busy day - switching my brain off for a couple of hours.

Here's how I go about this:

1) Have a Bath

I'm 100% a bath person - especially at the end of the day. I find that showers tend to wake me up instead of allow me to unwind. So, I have a bath every evening. I mean, I know it's bad for the environment but I like to think that I contribute in other ways. Anyway, I run myself a nice hot bath and spend half an hour or so catching up on social media or reading a good book.

2) Switch Off the Lights

Our circadian rhthyms are affected by the amount of daylight our bodies are being exposed to and I find that switching the main lights off in my room a couple of hours before I go to sleep helps signal to my body that it is time to start shutting down. This is something that I've done for a couple of years now and I definitely notice the difference in my ability to fall asleep if I don't switch off any bright lights whilst I'm winding down!

3) Crawl into Bed

Before I go to sleep, I often spend about an hour just curled up in my duvet. I either read a book or watch some TV on my laptop - whatever I feel I need to do just to chill out for a little bit. I find that being in bed before going to sleep helps my brain to know that it's time to start thinking about falling asleep and it also warms up the sheets ready for when I finally decide to call it a day!

What do you guys do at the end of the day?
E x


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