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Hello all,

Since the New Year, I've been trying to make some changes to my lifestyle - my health, in particular. This all started when I realised how dependent I had become on sugary treats and how often I consumed them. I also do very little exercise and so you can only imagine what my arteries must look like. So, I decided to make one or two changes:

21 Days:

All it took for me to make a change was one lazy evening scrolling through Facebook and one info-graphic that challenged the reader to go 21 days without sugary snacks and treats. Usually, I would have just scrolled right past this kind of thing, but that night it really stuck with me. As I'm writing this post, I am on the 22nd day without chocolate, biscuits and cakes. It's funny because even so far as two days ago, I would have said that as soon as the challenge was over, I'd be straight back on the chocolate that I hid in my wardrobe. But, I can honestly say I do not want it.
My current plan is to not ban chocolatey treats from my life entirely, but to limit my consumption of them to only three days a week. This way, I can continue to eat what I enjoy without letting myself get back to the point I was at last month.


I've always enjoyed doing yoga but it's one of those things that I don't prioritise. At the start of January, however, I challenged myself to 31 days of yoga. Whilst I have missed a day or two due to being ill, I'm determined to finish the challenge and hopefully carry it on into February. 
I'm really enjoying it so far; I find it to be a really good start or end to my day as it can wake me up or send me to sleep. Either way, I'm already seeing an improvement in my flexibility and body confidence. 10 / 10 !!

How are you guys working to improve your health this month? Let me know!
Eleanor x 


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