My Ohh Deer x Urban Outfitters Daily Journal

Bonjour tout le monde!

I'm really excited to be writing this blog post as I've been waiting for this moment ever since my journal arrived in the post! Is that lame?!
Anyway, I wanted to share my journal with you all and how I've been using it to organise myself over the last couple of weeks.

This particular journal can be found in an online store called "Ohh Deer" although there are lots of different colours and patterns. I really love the different styles they sell and I'm already eyeing up the white marble one for next year! If you haven't already check out this shop, I would definitely recommend you do as everything is super cute!

My favourite part of this journal is that each page is divided into four main sections:


In this section, I like to pencil-in the main things that are happening that day. So, for this month, most days have had "30 Days of Yoga - Day ( )" written in them along with "Day ( ) of Clean Eating" which I've found to be really motivating as not only is it written at the top of the page but it also reminds me how far along in these processes I am.


Here, I write down all the tiny goals I have set myself for the day - no matter how small. These range from "send a text to a friend" to "wash makeup brushes." I love a good to-do list where I can check off each thing as I go through the day, so this section gets a lot of use!


In my schedule, which runs down the right hand side of each page, I like to fill in all the fixed appointments and events in my day. During the week, this includes which lessons I have at which time and during the weekend, this includes what time I'm going to wake up, do my yoga and when I'm going to eat.

Objectives / Projects 

This section got a lot of use during my mock-exam period as I would set myself objectives each day as to how many hours I intended to study for. Now that my exams are over and a lot of my focus in on EPQ, I like to write word-count based objectives or which section I'm going to be working on that day. Today's objective is "write a blog post" - so I'm feeling very productive haha!

What do you think of these journals? What do you like to use yours for?
Eleanor x


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