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3 Motivational Websites You Need in Your Life | Lifestyle

Hello there!
I've really been loving what I'm calling "motivational websites" at the moment as I'm finding that they've been inspiring me in all areas of my life - my physical and mental health, my worth ethic, my awareness of the environment to name just a few. So, I thought I'd share them with you in the hope that you'll share your favourite sites with me.

1) Greatist This website is one that I read almost every day. Greatist is a website that shares "healthyish" ideas that will improve your overall well being. I've read articles on Greatist about menstrual cups, yoga, recipes, exercise and lifestyle advice. I like to read these articles in the morning, after I've done some yoga, as I find that they inspire me to make healthy choices throughout the day. I've found answers to many health-related questions on this site and I've found that they offer some really effective tricks and tips when it comes to staying healthy on th…

Getting Your Shit Together 101

After going to Paris a few weeks ago, I've realised how well everyone else in the world is holding it together and how much of a mess I can be as a person. In order to remedy this little problem, I'm writing a blog post about it - both so that it might benefit you guys and so that it can act as a little reminder for me to not become complacent.

So, without further ado, let's try and figure it all out:

The Future of Our Planet Lies in Your Hands | How you can save the world

Recently, I've been reading a lot about the environment. Personally, I think it's a really important issue and we should be doing all we can to preserve the planet, save the bees, reduce CO2 etc. It makes me really sad to see how our society is distancing itself further and further from nature and I think the effects of this are serious. So, I thought I'd document some fairly easy ways in which we can help to save the planet - both for me to refer back to and for you to take advice from.

Mon week-end à Paris

Bonjour bonjour!
This post is really for my own nostalgic brain and it may or may not be of any interest to you but, at this point, I'm okay with that.

So, last weekend I went to Paris for my university applicant day - ULIP's Journée des Rencontres. We arrived on Friday morning after having flown from Birmingham. We walked around Paris, grabbed some lunch near Invalides and then headed to Les Éstudines for a tour around one of the bedrooms. For those of you who don't spend all your free time looking at student accommodation in Paris (which I can imagine is most of you), Les Éstudines are private halls of residence that are available to students who attend any of the universities in Paris. Initially, I really liked them. I mean, they're expensive for what they are but they do the job and have everything you need in them. However, as someone who's already going to be moving to a foreign country at quite a young age, I don't feel like living alone is going to hel…

Netflix | My favourite shows

I have procrastinated on writing this post so much that it's almost funny. Like, I'd rather write my politics essay than do this. But, I promised myself that I would write a post every week for the whole year, so here I am.

Anyway, today, I wanted to share my favourite shows on Netflix at the moment. As I seem to be going through a bit of a phase, all the shows/films I'm going to share today seem to be linked to health (physical or
spiritual) or some kind of self-help. Whether that's your kind of thing or not, you might find a couple of things to watch that you may not have chosen before.