Getting Your Shit Together 101

After going to Paris a few weeks ago, I've realised how well everyone else in the world is holding it together and how much of a mess I can be as a person. In order to remedy this little problem, I'm writing a blog post about it - both so that it might benefit you guys and so that it can act as a little reminder for me to not become complacent.

So, without further ado, let's try and figure it all out:

1) Get a sleep schedule 

In all honesty, I'm actually quite good at going to bed and waking up at reasonable and similar times each day. I do, however, realised that a large percentage of the people around me have not quite got this skill. My little sister, for example, regularly stays up until the small hours of the morning and then survives the day on only a few hours of sleep. But don't get me wrong, I'm only good at this because I do not do well when I'm tired - I get emotional, cranky and very unmotivated so it's really in everyone's best interests that I get a good 8 hours sleep. Anyway, the most important step, I think, in getting your shit together, is to get a decent night's sleep not just once a week but every single night. It'll pay off, I promise: you'll have amazing skin, you'll be more productive, you'll spend less money on under-eye concealer - what's not to love?

2) Make to-do lists for the week

Next, I think that people who have their shit together are those that write to-do lists either on a Sunday evening or first thing Monday morning. These lists that you write should include your goals for the week as a whole and more specific tasks that you hope to get done on specific days. This not only makes you feel like the kind of person who knows what's going on but it makes you appear to have your shit together when you reveal your colour-coded list in your meetings/lessons/coffee breaks/whatever.
Further to this, you should use this time to meal plan. I've always thought of meal planning as one of those things that you start doing when you become a domestic goddess but now that I think about it, meal planning is the kind of thing that sets you on your way to becoming a domestic goddess. You're welcome.

3) Do your nails

People always say that you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their hands and I think I'm actually a really big believer in this idea. I hate having ugly looking nails and dry hands. So, even if you're not really into getting a manicure done every week, I would recommend filing your nails once a week and investing in a good hand-cream. Everyone loves a good hand cream.

As I'm clearly not someone who has their life together yet, I'd love it if you left your advice of how to succeed at life in the comments!
See you next week,
E x


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