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Hello there!
I've really been loving what I'm calling "motivational websites" at the moment as I'm finding that they've been inspiring me in all areas of my life - my physical and mental health, my worth ethic, my awareness of the environment to name just a few. So, I thought I'd share them with you in the hope that you'll share your favourite sites with me.

1) Greatist

This website is one that I read almost every day. Greatist is a website that shares "healthyish" ideas that will improve your overall well being. I've read articles on Greatist about menstrual cups, yoga, recipes, exercise and lifestyle advice. I like to read these articles in the morning, after I've done some yoga, as I find that they inspire me to make healthy choices throughout the day. I've found answers to many health-related questions on this site and I've found that they offer some really effective tricks and tips when it comes to staying healthy on the go or when you're too busy to cook a decent meal. I would definitely check this site out if you're fairly new to the "health scene" and feeling overwhelmed about where to start.

2) Life Hack

What I love about Life Hack is that it's very similar to Greatist but there's also an emphasis on more general lifestyle advice. From motivation to health to productivity to your relationships, Life Hack has a plethora of posts on all things that will improve your life. I've learned so much from regularly browsing this website and I can say that many of the articles have helped me to improve my work ethic and my mental health. Well worth checking out!

3) Good Life

Technically this isn't a "motivational website" but I'm going to include it because I found it recently and it's made me view my life in a whole new way. Essentially, Jonathan Field wrote a book called How to Live a Good Life: Soulful Stories, Surprising Science and Practical Wisdom, which, admittedly, I haven't read but I agree wholeheartedly with its main ideas. The book focuses on what Field refers to as "life buckets" and these are areas of your life that need to be balanced and overflowing in order for you to be happy. This website helps you to assess how "full" your life buckets are and then you're more easily able to analyse which areas of your life are lacking. I found this to be a really interesting tool and, like I've already said, I'm now viewing my life in a whole new way as a result of taking the test.

So there we are! These are three websites that I find particularly motivating and inspiring. I think they're all worth checking out and I'd love it if you could share some of your favourite sites with me in the comments.

Have a good weekend,
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