Mon week-end à Paris

Bonjour bonjour!
This post is really for my own nostalgic brain and it may or may not be of any interest to you but, at this point, I'm okay with that.

So, last weekend I went to Paris for my university applicant day - ULIP's Journée des Rencontres. We arrived on Friday morning after having flown from Birmingham. We walked around Paris, grabbed some lunch near Invalides and then headed to Les Éstudines for a tour around one of the bedrooms. For those of you who don't spend all your free time looking at student accommodation in Paris (which I can imagine is most of you), Les Éstudines are private halls of residence that are available to students who attend any of the universities in Paris. Initially, I really liked them. I mean, they're expensive for what they are but they do the job and have everything you need in them. However, as someone who's already going to be moving to a foreign country at quite a young age, I don't feel like living alone is going to help me in terms of loneliness.

Once we'd left Les Éstudines, we headed to a bar that was just round the corner and grabbed a mojito before heading out to dinner with some of our friends who live in Paris. It was really lovely to catch up with them and to eat some French food!

Saturday was the day of the actual journée des rencontres, so we arrived at the university at 10:00am. We had a 2 hour Q&A session with student services (it was intense, believe me!) and then I was able to chat to all the other prospective students over drinks and snacks. After that, we had a quick taster lesson on French linguistics before being split into groups and taken around Paris. My group headed to Le Marais and it was a really great opportunity to bond with other prospective students as well as the current students.

By the end of the day, I had already made some good friendships which I'm hoping will turn into flat-mates since flat-sharing is seeming like an increasingly appealing and relatively cheap option for accommodation!

Funnily enough, some of my friends from Cheltenham, where I live, were also in Paris last weekend so we ended up meeting for dinner in Montmartre. We went to a lovely little restaurant, whose name I can't remember, but in which there was live music and a really cosy atmosphere. This was also the first time I saw the Moulin Rouge in real life so it was definitely quite a night!

So, post-JDR, I'm feeling incredibly excited to be going to university in September and I am, of course, incredibly grateful to be going to university in Paris. What an amazing story the next three years are going to be.

I cannot wait.


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