Feeling Connected

It's very easy to feel disconnected from yourself when you're busy. What with studying and deadlines and work and moving, I'm beginning to feel as though I'm just acting on auto-pilot and not taking enough time to check in with myself. However, I am working on it and I've made it my goal for the rest of this month to spend more time thinking and less time avoiding it.

1) Journal

I've always been a journal girl. I mean, it's silly and embarrassing but I also know how therapeutic I find it. As someone who finds it easy to think myself into a crisis, I like to write it all down and get it out of my head. Obviously, there's so many ways to do this: start a blog, write it all down in a Google Doc, write it in a notebook, start a YouTube channel - you have options. This is particularly effective if you can't afford therapy but need a safe space in which to feel like you can rant and let it all out. Trust me, this stuff really can work if you stay dedicated to it. I always find that my mental health improves after I've let everything off my chest.

2) Breathing

This is a really great way to stop yourself from being a life-robot and just taking a minute for yourself. Sit crossed-legged on the floor and take 10 deep breaths. More if you like but of course, it's up to you. Inhale for as long as you can and then exhale for as long as you can. This will bring your attention away from your life and back to your body. You'll be more likely to feel calm and connected to your body. 

3) Walking

Personally, I find it impossible to take a walk anywhere without also listening to something at the same time. Podcasts, music, phone calls: it's so rare that I actually put my phone away and just take in my surroundings. This is something that I know makes me feel better when I do it and I nearly always end up noticing something new about what I thought were familiar surroundings. So, take a walk. It doesn't have to be any longer than 10 minutes and you don't even have to walk further than around the block you live on. But do it slowly and be conscious of your surroundings. Take it all in and put your phone away. You'll feel like a more productive and a more relax person, I'm sure of it.

How do you like to get in touch with yourself? How do you promote connectedness in your own life?
Let me know in the comments as I'm really interested in other's self-improvement journeys.


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