Spring Cleaning 101:

I was going to start this blog post by saying that I'm incredibly sorry for it's lateness but I've been listening to the Guilty Feminist Podcast and I've realised that when it comes to my blog, the only person I'm really accountable to is myself. So, whilst this blog post is slightly late, that's okay. Worse things have happened!

Anyway, I love Spring. For me, it's definitely a refreshing time; a clean slate; a chance to sort everything out. That's why I really enjoy spring cleaning and taking the opportunity to get my space organised and clean. So, I'm going to share with you three ways in which I'm going to Spring clean this month:

1) Open the Windows

My favourite thing about the warmer weather is being able to open my windows and get some fresh air into my room. I find this to be incredibly cleansing - especially when I'm cleaning as I find that there is nothing worse than cleaning in a stuffy room when all the dust is coming out and moving its way around. So, yes, opening the windows is a really great way to just make the house seem like a cleaner and a fresher place to be.

2) Throw Things Out

This is an obvious one but I just really love throwing things out. Since I'm moving to university in September, I've been having to get rid of a lot of my old junk and it's actually becoming one of my favourite feelings! My best advice would be to have a look online (Pinterest is a good place for things like this) and find one of those "60 Days of Minimalism" type of challenges. This way, you're doing a little bit everyday and you're given some practical guidance as to the things you don't need to have around anymore. Trust me, you'll love how spacious your house becomes and how much lighter you feel as a person once you've got rid of all your rubbish!

3) Digital Spaces

I never used to consider my digital spaces as ones that I needed to keep clutter free. However, I've recently changed Google Accounts and I didn't want to have to transfer all my Google Docs and my Google Files over to this new account, so I had a sort through it all and now the things stored on my computer are only those that I really need. It's wonderful being able to find exactly what you want at any given time - I'm obsessed!
The other point to make about clearing your digital spaces it that social networks are another really good thing to have a sort through. Unfriend those people you haven't spoken to in years, delete those photos, un-follow those accounts that make you feel bad or who don't inspire you anymore. Social networks are there for you to enjoy and to use to inspire you - not to make you feel weighed down or bad about yourself: so get rid of all the negativity and surround yourself with positive accounts.

So there we have it! I hope you've found this post useful. Let me know your tips and advice for Spring cleaning in the comments.

I'll see you next week,
E x


  1. These are such great tips! Opening the window while cleaning is the best thing, for some reason it just gets me more motivated to actually clean.

    x Annabelle

    1. Thank you :) I have this really weird obsession about having the windows open - I look forward to it all through the colder months!


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