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How To Motivate Yourself | Productivity

A lot of people see me as a really motivated person. I, however, know that it's actually something that I always struggle with. Whenever it gets to exam season, I find it really difficult to psych myself up to do some work and I try and tell myself that I'll still get good results if I spend hours and hours watching Netflix - ha!
However, in my years of procrastination, I've been forced to look for ways of making myself feel compelled to do some work. Here's what I've learned:

Personality Tests:

Personality tests are potentially my favourite thing to do. I love a good quiz so doing a quiz about something I know everything about (myself haha) and that there's no wrong answers to just makes me so happy. Plus, I love learning about aspects of myself that I hadn't really considered before and discovering what kind of job or life I'm likely to be suited for. 
Basically, what I'm trying to say here is that today I'm going to walk you through two of my favourite personality tests and give you the links to the websites where you can go and take them yourself.

Is Voting Important? | Politics

Yesterday was the date of my County Council elections and, since I'm now 18, my first time voting. As someone who studies politics for my A-Levels and who is ridiculously excited about the general election on the 8th June, it's not really a surprise to learn that I think voting is really important and something that everyone should do. So, in an attempt to encourage others to vote as much as possible, here's why I think you should vote.