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A lot of people see me as a really motivated person. I, however, know that it's actually something that I always struggle with. Whenever it gets to exam season, I find it really difficult to psych myself up to do some work and I try and tell myself that I'll still get good results if I spend hours and hours watching Netflix - ha!

However, in my years of procrastination, I've been forced to look for ways of making myself feel compelled to do some work. Here's what I've learned:

1) Surround Yourself with Hard-Workers

All of my friends are incredibly hard working - almost to the point where I'm starting to think they're not human. Whilst this has and does make me feel bad about my own work ethic, I also find my friends are very motivating. When they're busy ignoring my texts because they're working or when they're telling me that they did seven hours of revision yesterday, I suddenly start to feel an overwhelming need to read my psychology textbook!
If you don't have friends who inspire you to work hard, you can find them online! Reading through "Studyblr" tags on Tumblr gives me the urge to make a million mind-maps!

2) 10 Minutes

I'm a big believer of the idea that you can put up with anything for 10 minutes. It's not a long time to do something for and of all the awful things that you might have to put up with for 10 minutes, revision is not the worst.
I often tell myself that I'll do 10 minutes of revision and then I'll let myself stop if I want to. The thing is though, that once my timer goes off, I then want to finish writing that essay or finish drawing that mind-map. Essentially, getting started is the hardest part and once you've done 10 minutes, you realise that work isn't that bad. Even if you do want to stop after 10 minutes - at least you've done something: 10 minutes is better than 0. 

3) Schedule

Schedules often don't work for people but I have to have one. I've printed off blank calendar pages for the exam season, written in when my exams are, written in the dates I already know I'm doing something else on and I've worked out a good balance of revision days for my three subjects.
Personally, I find this is incredibly useful because it means that I don't have to wake up in the morning and spend an hour deciding what I need to work on - past Eleanor has already done it! 

I hope these tips have helped you out in some way - be sure to leave your advice in the comments below!
E x 


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