Personality Tests:

Personality tests are potentially my favourite thing to do. I love a good quiz so doing a quiz about something I know everything about (myself haha) and that there's no wrong answers to just makes me so happy. Plus, I love learning about aspects of myself that I hadn't really considered before and discovering what kind of job or life I'm likely to be suited for. 

Basically, what I'm trying to say here is that today I'm going to walk you through two of my favourite personality tests and give you the links to the websites where you can go and take them yourself. 
The Myers-Brigg's Type Indicator is probably one that you've heard of before and might even have completed yourself. Essentially, what happens is you're asked a series of questions and then placed on four scales:

Extrovert - Introvert
Intuitive - Observant 
Thinking - Feeling
Judging - Prospecting 

Depending on which of the two labels at either of end of the scale you're at, you're given a letter. I, for example, am an INFJ - Introvert, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging.

There are 16 different variations of personality and once you've done the test, you're given detailed explanation of your strengths, weaknesses, career advice, relationship advice, famous people who share your personality type (just for reference - I have the same personality as Oprah for both the MBTI and the Enneagram test ...!!)

I find this kind of thing really interesting and so I've spent hours and hours reading up on everything about my personality type and how the test was devised etc. I'm obsessed!


RHETI / ENNEAGRAM (Click here to do the test / Click here to read more about your result)

I only found this test quite recently but I love it just as much as the MBTI. It works on the premise that there are nine personality types:

1) The Reformer
2) The Helper
3) The Achiever
4) The Individualist
5) The Investigator
6) The Loyalist
7) The Enthusiast
8) The Challenger
9) The Peacemaker

I am a type three and, honestly, I find I fit that description more than I do an INFJ but that's just a personal thing and probably not a reflection of the tests themselves.
Like the MBTI, I've read through the descriptions of all the different types and what they mean and I find that I'm definitely a Three more than any others. 

I find it kind of irrational to reduce yourself to a number or a series of letters in this way and I'm doubtful that there's any real science behind the tests and yet I find these tests incredibly useful. Even if they don't describe me perfectly, they've made me realise parts of my personality and my thought processes that I hadn't recognised before and I find them to be really motivating. 
Being an INFJ means that I can be decisive and determined. Being a Type Three means that I am success-oriented and driven. I've taken these messages on board and I'm using them to encourage myself and to improve myself as a person. 
I wonder, even if they are pseudo-scientific, if the fact that they may create a greater level of self-awareness means that their unscientific nature isn't inherently a bad thing? Just because something isn't strictly true doesn't mean it can't be a force for good?

I feel like I've just rambled my way through this post but if you've stuck with me until the end then I'm very grateful!

What were your results on these two personality tests? Do you know of any more tests that you could link me up to? I'm interested!

E x 


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